COVID-19 Testing


Broward Health is dedicated to caring for you and safeguarding our community. To help ensure the health and wellness of our community please see a list of locations available for COVID-19 testing.

When To Seek Treatment

Although omicron is more infectious, the good news is that it appears to have milder symptoms compared to previous variants. If you do test positive for COVID-19 and you’re experiencing mild symptoms, it’s best to stay home to recover instead of visiting the Emergency Department. Please seek emergency medical care if you or your loved one is experiencing more severe COVID-19 symptoms, such as:

• Trouble breathing or shortness of breath.
• Persistent pain or pressure in the chest.
• New confusion.
• Inability to wake or stay awake.

For more information about how to treat COVID-19, consult your physician or call our free, 24/7 Nurse Connect line at 954-320-5730.

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