Visitor Information

Revised Visitation Policy

Broward Health is committed to protecting our patients, visitors, and caregivers from the possible spread of COVID-19. Based on state and county public health information, we have implemented a Level Green visitation policy. Our revised visitor protocol will begin the morning of Tuesday, February 22nd, and will continue until further notice.

We value the role that loved ones play in the healing process of our patients, and we encourage the use of video call technology to facilitate virtual visits.


 *Patients may choose one individual 18 or older to be their designated visitor. That designated visitor may visit each day during the patient’s hospital stay.

**Guests visiting COVID-19 positive patients are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which will be provided.

The patient may choose one individual to be their designated visitor. We encourage loved ones to use technology for virtual visits.

Please note: A patient’s care team may make exceptions, when appropriate. Visitation guidelines are subject to change if safe physical distancing isn’t possible.

Additional guidelines:

• We encourage patients to use video technology for virtual visits whenever possible.

• We ask visitors to arrive at our hospital wearing a face covering from home and to wear it for the entirety of the visit. Guests who arrive without a mask will be provided one.

• We remind visitors to practice social distancing of six feet away from others and to perform regular hand hygiene.

• As always, all guests will be greeted and registered at the security desk prior to visiting any patients.
We also offer free virtual greeting cards, which are printed and delivered to patients. Please encourage loved ones to send free virtual greeting cards

Thank you for trusting Broward Health to provide high-quality, compassionate care to your loved one.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.