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Everyone Has a Different Path to Wellness

At Broward Health, we are committed to your overall well-being. Our team cares for all aspects of your health, including your mental health, to ensure comprehensive care. Our experienced providers will help you stay on top of recommended screenings by talking through your health needs and personal goals. We will partner with you to find a sustainable path to wellness that works for you. We talk about your goals and show you how small changes, like eating healthier, can make a big difference.

So, if you rocked big bangs or carried your boom box around in the 80s, it's probably time to get your health screenings.

With a proactive focus on wellness and well-being, our Broward Health primary care providers help you stay on track with your screenings including blood pressure, glucose, and early detection screenings to keep you living your best life.

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Comprehensive Care at Broward Health

With a broad range of specialists, Broward Health’s comprehensive network helps maintain your overall wellness. From mental health experts to surgical specialists, our team has access to a wide array of experienced physicians and services to provide complete care. Many health conditions such as diabetes, can lead to more advanced issues when not monitored carefully. Our team works with you, providing expert disease management guidance to keep you – and your numbers - on track.

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Screenings and Early Detection

Working with your primary care provider and following the recommended screenings can be key to early detection. Your primary care physician can help determine which screenings are important for you including mammograms, colorectal cancer, lung cancer as well as other cancer screenings.

Cancer Risk Assessment Screenings

Find out about your risk by using Broward Health’s risk assessments.

Our Team

Broward Health primary care providers include both internal medicine and family medicine physicians, specially trained in a wide variety of health conditions, disease prevention tools and ways to improve overall wellness.

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