The Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs

With extensive medical capabilities for both Mom and baby, you can count on The Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs for an exceptional birthing experience.

The Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs

With extensive medical capabilities for both Mom and baby, you can count on The Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs for an exceptional birthing experience.

What Defines Exceptional at Coral Springs

At Broward Health Coral Springs, we focus on expert clinical care for your maternity experience – and we make sure Moms and babies are as comfortable as possible. With dedicated teams ready 24/7 for any medical need and a private Labor Delivery Recovery section, we make sure you have a customized and celebratory approach to labor and delivery. To get started on your maternity care, we provide quick access to the Broward Health patient portal for convenient online registration planning.

You Can Count on Us to Take Care of Everything

Whether you need our clinical expertise for delivery or neonatal care – or just some of our many labor and delivery amenities, our Broward Health maternity team at Coral Springs will care for any need.

Childbirth Concierge

We’re here for you! This service will help coordinate and guide you through all the resources available. Our concierge will help ease the processes of maternity registration, enrolling for prenatal classes, tours, childbirth education classes, and answer any questions or concerns that may arise. Contact our Childbirth Concierge who will guide you through this exciting journey! Call 954.344.2229 (BABY) or email

Specialized care and services include:

  • A dedicated 24/7 maternity entrance for expectant mothers and family.
  • The “Celebration Package” is available to order for that extra special touch of pampering.
  • Our private Labor Delivery Recovery (LDR) suites are designed to give families privacy and comfort. All suites are equipped with customizable lighting and room temperature, sleep accommodations for your partner, headwalls that conceal medical equipment, centralized fetal and labor monitoring, and specialized birthing beds and labor support equipment. Water births are also available. Please check with your healthcare provider.
  • 24-hour On-Site Anesthesia & OB Hospitalist.
  • Mother/Baby Unit – After your recovery/delivery, you will be transferred for the remainder of your stay to our all-private room mother/baby unit with sleep accommodations for your partner and couplet care.
  • Lactation Support – Our nurses are trained to assist with breastfeeding during your hospital stay. We encourage you to take a lactation class to understand what to expect and for up-to-date breastfeeding information to help provide a positive and successful experience. If questions or challenges occur, a board-certified Lactation Consultant is available to help with all your needs. 
  • Couplet Care – Mother and baby stay together from childbirth to discharge. Couplet care is an evidence-based best practice that facilitates family bonding, supports successful breastfeeding and enhances the experience of childbirth.
  • Perinatal Unit – Dedicated beds with advanced maternal/fetal monitoring equipment are staffed with nurses experienced in perinatal care. This unit is available for maternity patients who need close observation during the antepartum period.
  • Our Level II Neonatal Unit provides private suites and sleep accommodations for a parent to sleep – all located just steps away from the mother/baby unit. The unit is staffed on a 24-hour basis by neonatologists and highly skilled nurses who provide expert care for any baby needing special attention, for high-risk cases or if complications arise.
  • Neonatal Follow-up Program – Babies admitted to NICU for an extended time or premature infants are often medically at-risk or need special services. Babies discharged from the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit receive follow-up care and screening to ensure they grow and learn optimally.
  • Transition to Home – We provide a review of new parent information prior to discharge. Topics include breastfeeding basics, baby bath demonstration, safe sleeping, activities and proper nutrition, mom and baby care and when to call your doctor.
  • Physical Therapy during pregnancy and postpartum (doctor prescription required).

Support Services For Moms After Your Hospital Stay

Breastfeeding Support

A board-certified Lactation Consultant is available to assist you after you leave the hospital with ongoing support and consultation. We provide a FREE breastfeeding support group weekly every Monday and Thursday at 1pm. For more information or to schedule a fee based private appointment, please call 954.575.6455 (MILK)

Breast Pump Rentals and Sales

Electric breast pumps are available to rent. During regular business hours, the lactation consultant is available to guide you with your decision based on your needs regarding the rental or purchase of a breast pump. For more information on our breast pump sales and rentals, please call 954.575.6455 (MILK) and our friendly Lactation Consultants will be available to assist you.

Donor Milk Availability

BHCS is proud to partner with the Mother’s Milk Bank of Florida to provide pasteurized donor breast milk to infants in need. Please call one of our lactation consultants at 954.575.6455 (MILK) to learn more about our Donor Milk program. Click here

Classes, Support Groups and Playgroups

Broward Health Coral Springs Virtual Breastfeeding Support Group Join this weekly virtual session for breastfeeding mothers to come together with Nichole Salisbury, RN and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. We will learn and share successe...
Broward Health Coral Springs In-Person and Virtual Postpartum Support Group Join our in-person support group. Let us know if you want to join virtually and we will send you the link to join through Microsoft Teams. Having a baby can be an exciting time for most but c...
Broward Health Coral Springs live virtual Breastfeeding Basics Class Join our live virtual Breastfeeding class with Nichole Salisbury, RN, IBCLC. The objective of the program is to offer support and education to expectant parents for successful breastfeeding. ...
Pregnant women doing yoga
BHCS Benefits of Prenatal Yoga 101 Virtual Class Broward Health Coral Springs hospital presents an interactive live virtual introduction with Meredith Hootstein to the benefits of prenatal yoga class with emphasis on conscious breathing tec...
Pregnant women doing yoga
BHCS Prenatal Virtual Yoga class Fridays Broward Health Coral Springs offers prenatal yoga classes to help relieve the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Improve breathing, posture and flexibility, while decreasing stress...
BHCS In-Person Maternity Tour for Coral Springs Broward Health Coral Springs presents an in-person group walk thru with limited seating for expectant parents of the labor & delivery, mother/baby maternity units. Please be sure to register ...
Maternity Group sitting for Lamaze class
Broward Health Coral Springs virtual Lamaze evenings classes Preparing for Birth and Labor This is part of our virtual class series. Preparing for birth & labor will cover from the beginning with your birth plan, emotional aspects, discomforts, warning signs of pregnancy, sign & sy...
BHCS Babytalk virtual newborn care class Broward Health Coral Springs presents our Babytalk virtual class to help expectant parents prepare for caring for their newborn. Topics of discussion will cover newborn traits, behaviors, cry...
Little boy wearing big glasses and a cardigan
BHCS In-Person Super Sibling Class at Coral Springs Broward Health Coral Springs Super Sibling program is designed to help expectant parents prepare children between the ages 2 1/2-9 yrs old for their new sibling. They will watch a fun interac...

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