Team Approach to Memory Disorders

The Memory Disorder Center involves interdisciplinary specialists to determine the cause of memory impairments. Our team includes neurologists, neuropsychologists, social workers and nurses. Together, they utilize comprehensive neurological exams and neurocognitive testing solutions to diagnose memory disorders.

Free Memory Screenings

Early detection and treatment may slow changes in memory. We offer complimentary and confidential memory screenings that take approximately 30 minutes and will determine the frequency and intensity of follow-up visits. After diagnosis, your care team will develop an individualized treatment plan and help you and your family connect with community resources.

Caregiver Support

We provide enhanced caregiver support through education, training and support groups. Programs for caregivers address the many challenges of daily life, personality changes and unusual behaviors that may interfere with caring for an individual with memory loss.

If you or a loved one are experiencing changes in thinking or memory, we recommend bringing a trusted friend or family member to doctor visits. They can be an advocate, and become a vital part of the care team, helping ask questions, take notes, describe symptoms and remember instructions.

Memory Loss Conditions and Treatments

Memory Loss Causes

Alzheimer’s disease


Certain medications

Chronic illness


Head injury



Thyroid, kidney, or liver problems

Memory Loss Treatment Options

Optimizing medication management

Clinical research trials

Non-pharmacological behavioral modification therapy

Pharmacological behavioral modification therapy

Robotic pet therapy

How to Prevent and Slow the Progression of Memory Loss

Activities that promote cognitive stimulation (e.g., reading, puzzles, books, games)

Healthy diet

Healthy sleep habits

Managing chronic health conditions

Regular exercise


Staying mentally active

Care Assistance Program (CAP)

Knowledge and understanding empower families to care for their loved ones more effectively. CAP is designed and facilitated by the Memory Disorder Center at Broward Health North to provide caregivers with helpful tools and resources.

CAP is a program for spouses, siblings, relatives and friends who care for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other related dementia conditions. We offer DayCAP and NightCap services free of charge. Classes are scheduled around the needs of the working caregivers.

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Why Choose Broward Health?

Broward Health System Memory Disorder Center is nationally certified and accredited by The Joint Commission and is one of the only memory disorder centers in the North Broward Hospital District. We provide educational resources, support groups, and access to neurologists, neuropsychologists, nurses and social workers with expertise in managing memory disorders.

Broward Health also has partnerships with multiple clinical research trials. If you’re interested in participating in these trials, registering for our memory center educational classes, or scheduling an appointment, call 954.786.7392 for more information. You can also schedule a telehealth appointment online.


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